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Research projects

The Bad Trissl Clinic is actively involved in carrying out new research regarding clinical trials, in optimizing cancer treatment and in sharing information with other specialists at national and international level.

Current projects

  • Hyperthermia study (Verlinkung Hyperthermie) and pancreatic carcinoma adjuvant therapy:
    Gemcitabine vs. gemcitabine + cisplatin + regional hyperthermia = HEAT study
  • Hyperthermia study and pancreatic carcinoma second-line therapy after prior treatment with gemcitabine:
    Gemcitabine + cisplatin + regional hyperthermia
  • Hyperthermia study and rectal carcinoma advanced or recurrent rectal carcinoma:
    Oxaliplatin + 5-FU + radiotherapy + regional hyperthermia = Hyrec study

Planned projects

  • Study: Hyperthermia and anal carcinoma
  • Evaluation: Influence of complementary therapy on the course of chemotherapies