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2013-040_Capture_1373Ergotherapy is designed to enable patients to recover their activities of daily living (ADL), in particular in the upper extremity area. For example, motor function training and sensitivity training are carried out as patients are often restricted in these areas after chemotherapy. We offer this training as individual or group therapy and tailor it to the needs of individual patients.


Range of services:

Individual therapy

  • PNP treatment (polyneuropathies) for hand/foot syndrome (sensitivity training)
  • Fine motor function training
  • ADL training (activities of daily life, tailored to everyday life)
  • Cognitive function training

Group therapy

  • Silk painting
  • Basket-weaving
  • Pottery
  • Felt bags
  • Fretwork
  • Joint seasonal projects

Communicating with each other helps patients to come to terms with their illness and to find mental stability. The therapy focuses on the joy of active group crafting and DIY work.