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Speech therapy

Speech therapy comprises the diagnosis and therapy of language, speech, voice, swallowing or hearing impairments. Speech therapists are also involved in prevention and rehabilitation, as well as in teaching and research.


Speech, swallowing or voice disorders can occur after operations or radiation therapies.

The aim of the therapy is to focus on the individual impairments, reduce them, or create compensation options together with the patient.

In addition, we offer you advice for an appropriate diet in case of swallowing disorders, and show you suitable swallowing techniques.

If you have a cannula we can show you how to use it safely.


Main range of services in oncology:

  • Speech and swallowing therapy for s/p head and neck tumors
  • Dysphagia therapy including a step-by-step return to a normal diet
  • Tracheal cannula management after laryngectomy (larynx removal)
  • Voice therapy for aphonia/dysphonia (e.g. for vocal folds paresis)
  • Dysarthria
  • Language therapy for brain tumors (e.g. amnesic aphasia)
  • Treatment of facial nerve paresis


Of course we also treat all other logopedic clinical pictures.