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Palliative care

_MG_0659Palliative care describes an active holistic treatment concept for patients with advanced diseases and is derived from the Latin word pallium which means coat. Just as a coat provides protection from the cold and danger, palliative care is designed to protect patients from uncontrolled problems of an advanced disease, which could attack patients, i.e. their body and soul. According to a definition by the WHO, treatment focuses on relieving and controlling pain, as well as other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, anxiety, respiratory distress, and restlessness. In addition, mental, social and spiritual aspects also play an important role in the treatment plan.

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If current oncological treatment strategies can no longer be used or are not wanted in the treatment of advanced cancer, the patient can choose to receive palliative treatment as an alternative. Advanced non-oncological diseases such as internal, neurological and psychiatric illnesses are also treated in the palliative department of the clinic.

Complex palliative treatment is conducted by a multi-professional team. We are a team of specialized doctors, nurses, various therapists (e.g. aromatherapists, respiratory therapists, ergotherapists, art therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists), volunteers, psychologists, pastors, and social services staff and look after every patient in a caring way, aiming at relieving their pain and improving their quality of life. Other treatment methods such as complementary treatment (Verlinkung Komplementärmedizin) aromatherapy, and mistletoe therapy can also be used.

We also pay special attention to the needs of caring family members and friends who are often badly affected too. The close involvement of patients and their families in the treatment process, as well as the link to local outpatient care facilities (GPs, specialized outpatient palliative care teams, care homes, hospices) are particular important to us.