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Pastoral care

seelsorge1Pastoral care team
Benno Littger (RC)
Renate Hübner-Löffler (Prot.)
Anton Lechner (RC)
Monika Zuber-Schild (RC)
Pater Slawek (RC)

Phone: +49 (0) 80 33 / 20-282
Email: seelsorge(at)klinik-bad-trissl.de


We are here for you

  • if you want to talk to someone
  • if you need emotional support
  • if you need spiritual support
  • if you want to receive Communion in your room
  • if you want to take comfort in a service, in prayer, in a blessing or in receiving a sacrament

The chapel at the Bad Trissl Clinic is a location of peace, composure and prayer. There are regular services which are broadcast by the “Kapelle” TV channel and can be followed in each room.


Chapel services

Tuesday                              at 6.30 pm             Liturgy of the Word with Communion
Thursday                            at 6.30 pm             Protestant service
Saturday                             at 10 am                Eucharistic mass