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Available treatment

We carry out all kinds of drug therapies

In collaboration with the Munich University Hospital Study Centers, we carry out all kinds of chemotherapies, hormone therapies and immunotherapies.

We use hyperthermia

In hyperthermia treatment, heat is used to warm up the tumor tissue to 42 °C. As a result, radiation or chemotherapies that follow immediately afterwards have a much better and more intensive effect on the tumor tissue, which makes the therapy itself more effective.

The Bad Trissl Clinic is one of only 42 locations that has a ring applicator for regional deep hyperthermia, which is used for example in recurring breast cancer, rectal cancer, sarcomas and pancreatic cancer.

Latest research shows impressive results from the effect of hyperthermia.

We are open to naturopathy and have a separate department for oncology with complementary medicine

Drug tumor therapies, radiation therapies and hyperthermia are accompanied by complementary treatment methods from the fields of naturopathy and alternative medicine.

The focus here is on minimizing side effects, but also on movement therapy and improving powers of self-healing through customized and safe treatment plans.

We offer micronutrient treatment which uses vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and high-quality fatty acids, and which aims at providing not only a sufficient amount, but an optimum amount of these active agents. In addition to this microbiological therapy there are a number of other therapy options.

We offer advice and a second opinion

For serious diseases such as cancer it is advisable to get a second specialist opinion. Our experienced oncologists are happy to advise patients and give a second opinion – even if you decide not to get treated in our clinic.

Effective pain relief goes without saying

Even patients with advanced cancer do not have to endure pain at our clinic. Oncological treatment according to the latest scientific findings includes effective pain management.

We have an experienced palliative care team

Our highly qualified palliative team helps patients with advanced tumor diseases to relieve symptoms and exhaust all curative options. Of course we also offer psychological and pastoral care for patients and their families, as well as counseling for the last stage of life in domestic surroundings. 

We offer psychological support

Doctors trained in psychology, individual and group sessions with our psycho-oncologist, a qualified pastoral team, and ergotherapy, art therapy and music therapy help our patients to recover psychologically from their illnesses.

We cooperate closely with a modern medical care center on site

Radiology carries out early detection tests and makes diagnoses. The staff’s high level of expertise and modern equipment always ensure highly professional diagnoses for inpatient acute and rehabilitation treatment which go beyond the early detection of tumor diseases and metastases. The medical care center also offers its diagnostic services to the clinic’s outpatients.

In the Practice for Radiation Therapy all solid tumors, sarcomas and lymphomas can be irradiated using a state-of-the-art linear accelerator. Short communication paths, appointments coordinated at short notice and continual specialist care based on the latest advances in medicine are important factors for the quality of inpatient treatment.

In the Practice for Gynecology we offer all gynecology-related services at the highest specialist level, including prenatal care for women in the area. Female patients with breast tumors or gynecological tumors are looked after by the same team of specialists when treated as inpatients.

The staff in the Practice for Internal Medicine is equally highly trained and offer local inhabitants a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services, particularly in gastroenterology. The close link between outpatient and inpatient care ensures high-quality treatment here as well.

We have on-site rehabilitation facilities so everything is in one place

Getting patients back on their feet following cancer, getting them physically and mentally fit and healthy and getting them back in their familiar social surroundings, that is what doctors, therapists and nurses are aiming to achieve in rehabilitation. A modern physiotherapy department with a therapy pool, weights room, gymnastics hall and massage areas is also available for all acute care patients.

We are an open and customer-friendly specialist clinic and community center

Wherever possible, we have consciously created an inviting, appealing and cozy atmosphere in our clinic, avoiding a typical hospital environment.

The wellbeing of our patients is important to us which is why we also see ourselves as a community center for local inhabitants. Patients in our medical practices in the medical care center, the rehabilitation clinic, families and other visitors, as well as guests attending talks and cultural events all add to this sense of local involvement.