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Parent-child program

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The Bad Trissl Clinic is one of the few hospitals which allows mothers and fathers to co-admit healthy children between the age of 3 and 12.

In certain cases the parents’ payment source will also cover the costs for the child’s stay.

To meet the requirements of children and their parents it is absolutely essential to get in touch with us by phone beforehand. In individual cases admitting children with their parents may not be possible.

During treatment of either parent at the Bad Trissl Clinic, children will get special attention so that they do not suffer unnecessarily from being separated from their parents.

Admitting children as part of our parent-child program is a great relief for patients because they know that their children are in good hands during therapy times.

Children are looked after in a kindergarten or by childminders, and children of school age will follow the appropriate school curriculum. In addition, there are a number of leisure activities.

Parents and their children receive psychooncological counseling and support.