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Our approach 

Oncological therapy concepts get more and more complex and the chances of halting or even beating cancer – even at the stage of metastasis – are steadily increasing. However, the best possible treatment of every single patient requires interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary cooperation between oncology specialists.
Quality assurance and the control of tumor-specific and supportive therapy concepts are an integral part of our quality philosophy.

This focus on quality forms the basis of our everyday work at the Bad Trissl oncology clinic. Working closely together as a team, the Clinic Management members have been fully aware of their responsibility since the clinic was founded.

Our objectives

The doctors and the oncological staff have set themselves the following objectives:

  • Combining their efforts to continually develop and improve holistic treatment of cancer patients
  • Involving relatives in treatments for emotional support and helping to overcome problems caused by the illness of their loved ones
  • Improving early detection of tumors
  • Coordinating scientific and practical work in oncology
  • Promoting new research on clinical trials and subsequently on optimizing chemotherapies, hormone therapies, immunotherapies and complementary therapies, as well as psychosomatic oncology
  • Sharing information with other specialists at national and international level

In our clinic the focus is always on the patient as a person with a life-threatening disease who is being cared for by a highly qualified interdisciplinary team using a comprehensive holistic approach.

Our guiding principles

  • We care for our patients with love and affection at all stages of the disease.
  • We want every patient to receive the treatment which promises the best chances of recovery or palliative care at all stages of the disease.
  • We create an atmosphere of warmth and trust to promote the powers of healing.
  • When we look at our patients, we look at the whole person. We not only want to cure the disease, we want also to heal their soul.
  • We hold in-depth consultations with patients and their families.
  • We provide our patients with as many diversions as possible to help them get their lives back on track and to give them courage.
  • Through the Senator Rösner Foundation we offer help to patients in financial difficulties. 
  • We support our patients and their families in dealing with social and bureaucratic problems, not only during their stay, but also after they have been discharged.