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Basic information on rehabilitation

Rehabilitation comprises medical, vocational, physiotherapeutic, psychological and other supplementary services that are geared toward counteracting or overcoming negative effects of a disease on a patient’s integration into normal life and toward avoiding any subsequent interference in the patient’s professional and social life.

Indications – conditions
The Bad Trissl Clinic offers individual rehabilitation for all cancer patients. This can be in the form of follow-up rehabilitation or inpatient treatment. Before beginning rehabilitation the payer’s approval is required.
The precondition for successful rehabilitation is the patient’s potential, willingness and ability to participate in rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation may consist of the following customized therapies:
Physical therapy, physiotherapy, sports therapy, ergotherapy, relaxation therapy, psycho-oncology including art therapy, psychological seminars, health seminars, socio-legal counseling and support for patients returning to work, badges for severely disabled people, etc., as well as dietetic treatment, stoma and wound care, and incontinence counseling.

Combined treatment
Although simultaneous radiation therapy is not possible during rehabilitation, the Bad Trissl Clinic gives rehabilitation patients the opportunity of continuing their chemotherapy alongside rehabilitation.

Payment sources
A pension insurance company will provide rehabilitation services if the insured person meets specific requirements (§ 10 social act VI) and the conditions laid down in insurance law (§ 11 social act VI), and there are no grounds for statutory exclusion (§ 12 social act VI).
Statutory and private health insurance companies and accident insurance companies will also provide rehabilitation services.
People who receive a pension also have the right to receive rehabilitation treatment.

The following payment sources support the Bad Trissl Clinic for rehabilitation:

    • DRV Bund (German statutory pension insurance scheme) (indications 10 d,e,f,k,l)
    • DRV Land (South and North Bavaria) – all oncological diagnoses
      (without CNS, locomotor system and ENT)
    • All statutory and private health insurance companies
    • Occupational insurance associations and accident insurance companies